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 Athena Controls Temperature & Process Controls - Process and Power Controls in 1/32 DIN, 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN, and 1/4 DIN sizes & power handlers; SCR’s and SSR’s. Custom designs and software. Hot Runner Systems. Thermocouples and RTD sensors and accessories. Featuring the new Infinity Series sub-panel controllers.
 Raytek Automated Infrared Products - Noncontact temperature measurement equipment. On-line Infrared Pyrometers and Process Imagers. Two Color Pyrometers & Fiber Optic Sensors. Featuring the new XR Series.
 Ircon Infrared temperature measurement. Single color and ratio pyrometers. Thermal Imaging systems. Infrared Line Scanners.


Solid State Relays and Heat Sinks. Complete SSR packages.
 Comark Comark – RF500 – Temperature & Humidity monitoring for buildings. Features exclusive Mesh Network Technology. Site Surveys & Installation.
 Mikron Electrophysics – Portable Thermal Imagers and Infrared Cameras.
 Metris Instruments

Portable Infrared Pyrometers, featuring great price vs. performance, broad temperature ranges, exceptional optics. Specific designs for Industrial and Food Industry applications.


 UE Systems Ultraprobe Ultrasound Detectors, leak detection, bearing analysis, electrical trouble shooting, and other predictive maintenance through ultrasound analysis.


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