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Hot Runner Systems

Hot Halfs

OSCO's Hot-Half System is designed to facilitate the Hot Runner interface. Furnished complete with the Top Clamp Plate, Nozzle Retainer Plate, Support Rails, Locating Ring and the OSCO Runnerless System assembled, installed and electrically tested. Features/Benefits:

  • Simply fasten the Hot-Half to the mold base and you are ready to run.
  • Eliminates the time, effort and challenges associated with the Hot Runner installation.
  • Can reduce mold delivery time by allowing you to concentrate on cores and cavities.


Mini Hot Halfs


Prewired Systems                                 

The Pre-Wired option will simplify the installation of the manifold system into your mold. Furnished with OSCO standard “PIC” and “MTC” type mold connectors, electrical schematic, wiring arm secured to the manifold, and a wiring schematic plaque fastened to the terminal box for easy in-press zone identification. * Save time during installation and disassembly. * Neat and clean wiring installation will help you avoid down time. * Clearly marked and labeled wiring zones assure you that the electrical system is both reliable and accurate.


MGN - Multi-Gate Nozzles

Designed for single or manifold applications, OSCO'S MGN Systems are simple, straightforward units providing up to 12 gate probes per nozzle.


  • Variable probe lengths, locations & number of probes.
  • Individual temperature control at each gate.
  • Minimal residence time.
  • Balanced flow.
  • Process engineering grade resins.



CVT - Convertible Direct Gate Nozzles

Originally patented by OSCO, the Convertible Series Nozzle System was the first to offer the flexibility of interchangeable nozzle tips. Features/Benefits:

  • Flow channels from 1/4"
  • Wide selection of nozzles, tips, and heaters in stock
  • Custom lengths and diameters to fit the application
  • "SF" heater design for the best combination of performance and flexibility


SCV - Self Contained Valve Gate

Engineered for use under a manifold or as a stand alone Single Valve Gate, the SCV Nozzle Systems are by far the most technologically advanced Valve Gate Systems on the market today. 


  • Gate diameters up to .375.
  • Adjust and set Valve Pin from the Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly (HCA).
  • View Valve Pin movement from indicator on the HCA.
  • HCA mounted outside the mold substantially reduces cost associated with machining, installation, service, and operation.

HSN - Hot Sprue Nozzles

Designed to eliminate the sprue in single nozzle applications. To meet the industries needs, we offer the HSN with one or two zones of temperature control. The single zone, or "G" Series nozzle is a more cost efficient selection when processing commodity grade resins. The "H" Series is the high performance dual zone nozzle. It is an excellent choice for processing high heat engineering grade resins as well as heat sensitive resins.


  • Eliminate sprues and secondary operations.
  • Directly replaces cold sprue bushings (in most applications).
  • Wide selection of nozzles, tips, and heaters in stock.
  • Interchangeable tips for design flexibility.

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