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Hot Runner Components

    Hot Runner Components

Sprue Bushings

Sprue Bushings


The Integrally Heated Sprue Bushing is uniquely designed for high performance and reliability for Manifold and Direct Feed Applications, even with the most demanding molding cycles and plastic resins. The advanced heat transfer capability is attributed to its integrally heated design, resulting in a more uniform heat profile. A replaceable thermocouple is strategically located close to the melt flow channel for optimization of processing conditions with all thermoplastics.

Sprue Bushings Sprue Bushings Tips

Features and Benefits

•Graduated Watt Density                                                                                        •Fully Sealed Construction
  Maintains a more uniform heat profile                                                                   Maintains highest product reliability

•High Refractory Insulation                                                                                    •Made of High Grade Alloy Steel
  Provides superior heat transfer                                                                                Increases durability and longer life

•Streamlined Flow Channel                                                                                     •Replaceable Thermocouples
  Provides for minimum pressure loss                                                                       Allows for easy serviceability

Precision Series Direct Gate Bushing
The New Precision Hot Runner Bushings & Nozzles are designed to run mid-size and large molded parts. Advanced heat transfer technology provides optimum performance while a unique sleeve heater design allows for easy and quick replacement. The special tip design allows the Precision to process commodity, engineering and filled resins while drastically reducing tip wear at the gate. The Precision has eleven different gating options to meet a wide range of Direct Feed or Manifold applications.

Precision Nozzle Precision Tips Precision Nozzle

 Features and Benefits

Exclusive "Flat Gate"tm System                                           •Consistent Heat Profile
  Gate vestige is minimized and each design                            Optimum hot runner performance
  can be customized

•Advanced integrated Sleeve Heater                                    •Resin Versatility
  Extended heater life for easy serviceability                            Wide range of resins can be processed for more applications

•Unique Wear Resistant Tip Design                                       •Replaceable Tips, Heater and T/C
  Less downtime due to tip repair                                                Easy serviceability

•Medium and Large Pitch                                                         •Custom Desined Tip Tools
  The Precision can service more mid-size                                 Easy replacement of all tip styles
  molds/part shot sizes



The Sensitwin is an integrally heated molding component designed to perform far beyond the capabilities of ordinary cartridge heated probes and coil heated bushings.  The Sensitwin is avaiable in three basic configurations for use in single cavity, manifold or stack mold applications



Sensitip Torpedoes

Each swaged torpedo provides a more uniform heat profile vs cartridge heated type.  Its high transfer efficiency is responsible for a long extended life.  Each replaceable termocouple is located up-front for precise gate and runner temperature control.




 Machine Nozzles 

The integrally heated machine nozzles unique design concept eliminates the voids and air gaps which limit the performance of conventionally heated nozzle systems. The improved heat transfer characteristics of the Sensitip? Machine Nozzle provide performance and reliability far superior to any existing nozzle designs.

A replaceable "Type J" thermocouple senses temperature adjacent to the melt channel. This accurate sensing system works in conjunction with a very uniform temperature profile to ensure superior processing of even the most critical of engineering materials.

Machine Nozzles

Features and Benefits

•Integrally Heated Design                                                           •High Grade Alloy Steel Construction
  Provides optimum nozzle performance                                        Increases durability and longer life

•Streamlined Flow Channel                                                         •Replaceable Thermocouples
  Provides minimum pressure loss                                                 Allows for type "J" or "K"

•Fully Sealed Construction                                                           •Three Tips Styles
  Maintains highest product reliability                                             Available with either a .500" or .750" spherical  
                                                                                                     radius, which accommodate a full range of injection 
                                                                                                     molding applications


M.I. Thermocouples

The "TRUTEMP" drawn cable sensors feature durability, fast response and high temperature capabilities. Drawn cable sensor constructions combine precision fabrication techniques with premium quality mineral insulated cable and feature rugged construction in a particularly compact size.

The standard construction consists of an appropriate pair of elements embedded in compacted ceramic and encased in an appropriate tubular sheath. These elements are welded to form a thermocouple junction or attached to RTD sensor elements. A wide variety of standard and custom fittings can be added to the sensor to simplify installation and application. The lead end of the cable is typically equipped with connectors or leads to accommodate connection to control system wiring.


Electric Coil Heaters

"MAXPAK" high performance cable heaters are offered in a variety of round, square and rectangular cross sectional constructions. Standard configurations include precision coiled or formed configurations as well as straight styles intended for customer forming. Straight “MAXPAK” cable heaters are fully annealed and are designed to satisfy customer in-house forming and coiling requirements as well as providing a range of stock elements for expedited delivery. Formed “MAXPAK” cable heaters are factory formed to customer specifications. Precision coiled “MAXPAK” cable configurations are available in both stock configurations and custom coiled to customer specifications.

"MAXPAK" cable heaters feature precision wound parallel coil elements fusion welded to nickel cold pins. The element assemblies are embedded within high purity ceramic and encased in an oxidation resistant metal sheath. The cable heaters are swaged to the final rectangular, square or round cross-sectional dimensions to compact the internal ceramic core and ceramic insulation to near theoretical density. This high density construction maximizes heat transfer and dielectric properties and provides the high level of reliability and performance required for even the most demanding of applications.

High performance coiled coiled cable configurations are engineered for cylindrical heating applications requiring any combination of high temperature, maximum wattage and abuse resistance. The coiled heaters inner and outer diameters provide a large surface area and precision fit to external or internal cylindrical surfaces. The resulting high rate of heat transfer to the component maximizes element life and efficiency. Metal sheathed construction combined with rugged lead terminations provide superior durability. Common plastic processing applications include heated bushings and nozzles for runnerless tooling, sprue bushings and molding machine nozzles.

Coiled cable configurations are precision formed utilizing computerized numerically controlled coiling machines for optimum uniformity and precision. For even greater precision and performance, the coiled cables can be sized to closer tolerances by means of a secondary compaction process. This process permits inside diameter tolerances to be held to within plus or minus .0005 inches and outside diameter tolerances to within plus or minus .001 inches.

Special cable heater design features including cold sections, distributed wattage and internal temperature sensors can be implimented when required. “MAXPAK” cable heaters can also be equipped with a variety of special mounting fittings. Common mounting features include tabs, flanges, NPT screw plug, bulkhead and compression fittings. Lead terminations options include the standard round cold extension with transition and leads with a full selection of sleeve, wire braid and armor lead protection. A variety of custom lead terminations are also available for applications with special termination requirements.


Dual Flow Filters

OSCO's patented design both filters out contamination and mixes the resin to a more homogeneous melt.


  • Less shear imposed on the resin from the two stage filter design.
  • Linear filtering available in either .020" or .040" gauge.
  • Large 1.791 square inch filtering area.
  • Single zone heater and T/C included with assembly.


Machine Shut Off Nozzles

Osco's  MSO - Machine Shut Off nozzle :  Machine shut off nozzle is designed to improve profitibility by providing positive shut off allowing for faster cycle times and eliminating drooling caused by back pressure. Performance and design flexability with several tip styles, available in hydraulic or pneumatic operation.

 Machine shut off nozzle is designed to improve profitibility by providing positive shut off allowing for faster cycle times and eliminating drooling caused by back pressure. Performance and design flexability with several tip styles, available in hydraulic or pneumatic operation.

       Features : 

  • Tip design to suit
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic drive
  • Length to suit


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