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Heat Management Products

Conduction Heaters

Cartridge Heaters

Our Standard Cartridge heaters are designed as an economical, quality heater for lower temperature use (typically 40 watts per square inch, depending on the application). Our Hi-Temp Cartridge heaters can be used for applications requiring more heat (over 100 Watts per square inch).

Band Heaters

Tutco offers variety of band heaters to accommodate any cylindrical application. Tutco's product offering ranges from the patented better band using mineral insulated technology to the better belly band used for compressor applications.

Strip Heaters

As the leader in electric heating elements and sensors, Tutco offers a variety of quality strip heaters. Strip heaters can be used in a variety of applications from food warming to packaging machinery.


Tubular Heaters

Tutco's versatile Tubular heaters are custom-formed in a wide variety of shapes to correspond to your requirements. Incoloy®, stainless steel or steel sheath materials are available, as well as a large selection of termination styles. 




Crankcase Heaters

Tutco has been the world leader in compressor heaters for over 40 years, offering unlimited configurations for nearly every kind of air conditioning and refrigeration compressor.



Convection Heaters

Open Coil Heaters

As the world's largest manufacturer of open coil heating elements, Tutco has gained a reputation for producing products that are second to none. We design and build each product to perform with incredible reliability.


Duct Heaters

Tutco's duct heaters are ideal solutions for a variety of applications, including primary heating, supplementary heating (i.e., supporting a heat pump), auxiliary heating, humidity control or multi-zone heating. We offer a line of standard products as well as heaters custom-built to your specifications. Tutco uses proprietary software packages to specify coils and wiring configurations, sheet metal, element support racks, controls, options and accessories. Our software allows immediate design changes when our customers request them. All Tutco duct heaters are UL-approved (per UL Standard 1996) and CSA listed).

DHB & DB Series

DHC & DC Series

DHD & DD Series

RMC Remote Panels


Complete Thermal Kits

Complete Thermal Kits

Heat kits, also known as packaged heat, provide our customers with the next level of forward integration. Tutco has designed and customized our heat kits for a variety of applications, equipping them with the necessary open coil heating elements as well as controls, options and accessories that complete the package.

Tutco utilizes the power of CAD software to specify coils and wiring configurations, sheet metal and element support racks, among other options. Our state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Machining also streamlines the process of helping our customers go from design to manufacturing.


Tutco provides the highest quality heater kit designed to replace the existing heater kit in the original manufacturer A/C unit.

Manufacturers include Lennox, Ducane, Goodman, Armstrong, Concord and AirEase.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced alloy open coil heater

  • All necessary limit controls with circuit breakers
  • Heater kit controls are compatible with packaged unit manufacturers' factory control system
  • Construction is ETL listed for use with each manufacturers' packaged unit
  • Fully researched and tested with dimensional and electrical termination compatibility with the manufacturers' packaged unit installations
  • Designed specifically for applications in Lennox, Ducane, Goodman, Armstrong, Concord and AirEase Units
  • Easy installation per the installation instructions as provided with each heater kit
  • Lower cost
  • Optional single point power accessory kit available
  • All units are boxed individually for easy handling
  • Five-year limited warranty





Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

General Purpose and Mineral Insulated Thermocouples



Standard Air Heaters

Heat Torches

Heat Torches are robust air heating tools designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Heat air up to 760 C° (1400 F°) with flow rates of 0.3 SCFM to 100 SCFM at wattages up to 20 kW. Designed for use with compressed air or regenerative blowers.


Cool Touch

Our highly efficient CoolTouch HeatTorch minimizes the skin temperature of the heater and helps protect people and product from hot surfaces. This very efficient design reduces heat losses.





Flow Torches

Flow Torches are highly efficient and ideal for heating large airflows. There is little obstruction to airflow so they work well with economical, low-cost blowers. Maximum exhaust temperature is 500° C (932° F) with flow rates up to 2000 SCFM at wattages up to 75 kW. Designed to connect to pipe-fittings or suitable flexible duct, flow torches are available in 2", 4", 6", and 8" diameters.


Axial Fan Heaters

This heater mounts directly to square axial fans. It integrates a guard and optional over-temperature protection. Available with or without a blower. They are ideal for a wide range of drying, curing, and warming applications.



Crossflow Blowers Heaters

Developed for maximum design flexibility, Crossflow Blower Heaters (CB Series) utilize multi-purpose mounting brackets attaching directly to the exhaust of a crossflow blower without the need for additional accessories. Extra mounting holes make it possible for the heater to function as a stand-alone duct heaters.

Duct Heaters

Our Duct Heaters have very open and rugged construction. They have great efficiency with little obstruction and low pressure drops. We have several standard sizes in many power levels and voltages. We offer up to 60 kW.






Custom Air Heaters

Custom Air Heaters

  • Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, Medical Devices, Industrial Process, Laboratory Equipment, Food Service and Dehumidificatn
  •  Case Histories - Miniature Heat Torch for Blood Analyzer, High Velocity Hand Dryer, Patient Warming Blanket Heater and Shrink Wrappaing Heat System



Custom Surface Heaters

Custom Surface Heaters

  • Mica Surface Heaters can provide most any desired temperature distribution
  • Case Histories - Heat Press Heaters and Laboratory Hot Plates



Thermal Systems & Stand Alone Controllers


Thermal Systems & Stand Alone Controllers


These thermal systems may typically include heaters, temperature sensors, blowers, thermal controls, pressure or flow switches, and other safety devices.  These systems are usually integrated into an enclosure designed to fit a specific function.

The Thermal Process Controller is a self contained heating solution complete with heater, control, and regenerative air source. This unit is capable of temperatures up to 1200°F while generating airflows up to 10 SCFM and velocity up to 85 ft./sec.


 The Thermal Process Controller 1500, formerly know as the DigiTherm, is a 1.5kW Cool Touch™ heater + state-of-the-art digital controller + flow switch + solid-state relay packaged in a convenient wall-mountable steel enclosure. This very unique product takes the guesswork out of process heating applications which require a moderate amount of wattage and have 120V or 240V power available. The heater is capable of airflows up to 70 SCFM and up to 120 PSIG. Maximum output temperature is 371°C (700°F) depending upon airflow.

To optimize the performance of your existing resistance heater or your Farnam Custom air heater we highly recommend one of controller solutions. Our controllers provide an effecient and easy-to-use solution for maintaining the consistency of your heaters performance. Our Control Cubes are a low cost, highly compact solution. Our Control Panels are a heavy duty and very accurate control system for larger power heaters.



Thermal Process Controller

Thermal Process Controller 1500

Standalone Controllers


Temperature Sensor Assemblies

G.P. & Plastics, M.I. Cable Sensors, Cartridge Sensors, Process Sensors & Wells and Industrial Sensors & 
Protection Tubes


Electric Heating Elements

Coiled Cable Heaters

"MAXPAK" high performance cable heaters are offered in a variety of round, square and rectangular cross sectional constructions. Standard configurations include precision coiled or formed configurations as well as straight styles intended for customer forming. Straight “MAXPAK” cable heaters are fully annealed and are designed to satisfy customer in-house forming and coiling requirements as well as providing a range of stock elements for expedited delivery. Formed “MAXPAK” cable heaters are factory formed to customer specifications. Precision coiled “MAXPAK” cable configurations are available in both stock configurations and custom coiled to customer specifications.


Swaged Square Cartridge Heaters

Our advanced square cartridge heater provides the utility of a square configuration combined with the high watt density capabilities of swaged construction. The Duratherm swaged, square cartridge offers the high level of reliability and performance required for even the most demanding of applications.

Our total commitment to engineering excellence is reflected in our successful efforts to improve heater performance and production efficiency. The results obtained clearly establish “MAXPAK” as the most consistent, reliable and economical square cartridge heater on the market.


Plate Heater Assemblies

Duratherms’ new precision plate and component heater assemblies are designed for a wide range of extrusion, molding and packaging applications. The rugged, high performance assemblies are providing exceptional performance in the heating of extrusion profile dies, blow molding manifolds and die heads, wire cross head dies, extruder barrels and injection molds.



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